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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 24, 2020 2:42am-4:01am PST

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out. >> i think that adam schiff did an incredible job yesterday. i really do. [ applause ] bless you. and as someone who has presented these types of arguments, not in front of the supreme court or not in a senate chamber but certainly in federal court, this is how you do it. and i saw uniform excellence across the board with these house managers, uniform preparation, uniform competence. he told a story, and he used the president's own words against him over and over and over again. jimmy kimmel made this hysterical, you know, joke yesterday. he said he used hamilton so many times that he's going to be up for five tony awards, he said about schiff. so i think certainly that americans watching it were persuaded by it and 71% of republicans want mitch mcconnell to call witnesses. 71% of republicans.
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that's by a poll. >> he doesn't care. >> so i would be shocked that at least four republican senators weren't convinced, and that's all they need. they need four republican senators to vote to hear more witnesses, and i think the american public -- >> deserves it. >> -- deserves it and is going to demand that. i really do. [ applause ] >> i think as usual i always feel like i live on a different planet than everyone that works on this show because when i saw adam schiff i actually thought that he seemed very perform atif and that he's clearly trying to -- >> clearly what? >> perform tif. and that he's clearly trying to take over for dianne feinstein. she's the oldest member of the senate. at the end of his speech cory booker, joe manchin, tim scott and ben sasse were all walking around in the chamber because they were bored or wanted to leave, and i think there's just a huge disconnect in the way liberals view this and the way
2:44 am
conservatives view this. this isn't making a big impact on me one way or the other and i always do this metaphor wrong. the cast is dye or the dye is cast. and i don't think this is going to make that much difference. i think if you're a liberal you think what you guys think and if you're a conservative like me you think it's performance art. >> it's possible. >> let me ask you a question, do you think even as just an american, if someone is on trial, do you think that following protocol is the right way to go? >> is that directed at me? >> it's directed at anyone who wants to answer. >> of course i say yes. >> i think not only as an american you have to follow -- well, as an american you have to follow the constitution, right? and the constitution is very clear in terms of impeachment. it is constitution says that a president may not abuse his
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power. >> right. >> and when you listen to adam schiff and you listen to the evidence and you apply the constitution and the law to the facts, i think the case is -- >> they don't want to hear it. >> can i show a clip though which is one of the things that swayed me in the opposite direction. we have it. >> the president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won. >> so i think for me, i always hated it when president trump said i won't concede because we don't know if it will be a fair election. you have adam schiff using this process which i don't think should have anything to do with this current election saying that if the president's misconduct can't be decided we can't be assured that the vote will be fairly won. why are you even bringing this election into an investigation where you're talking about a phone call that happened? to me it has -- the election right now has nothing to do with it. >> to emphasize the importance of the impeachment, that's why. >> the idea -- i didn't like it when trump did it or when he
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does it now, the idea that there are fake elections happening or it has something to do with this process and again as the only conservative in all of new york city i -- >> you're not the only one, believe me. one of them came up to me last night when i was having dinner. >> where? find me. >> at a restaurant. >> say hi to me. >> can i ask a question, i believe the reason that adam schiff would say that -- i believe the reason adam schiff would refer to the honesty of an election is because this president is on trial for trying to interfere with an election. >> but he said we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won at the ballot box. >> right. >> the ballot box is fairly won. >> we already know the russians interfered. >> i'm telling you that -- >> we know they interfered in 2016. >> you can't take the anger of this on me that i'm not swayed by adam schiff. >> no, wait. we're all just having a conversation. >> i'm angry at other people. i'm not angry at you. >> i don't have it in me today. >> we'll be back with more. >> announcer:
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2:52 am
who have they got besides benedict arnold from that era, number one? and number two, if they're so restless that rand paul is doing a crossword puzzle and lindsey has to go to the bathroom 100 times, there are 400 bills sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk right now that impacts you and me, and they're doing nothing about it. get off your butts, do your job, sit there and listen. that's the least you can do for the american people. >> i know that trump wanted these lawyers because he likes the tv lawyer. he likes that kind of vitriolic. >> the epstein lawyers, are they going to be there, the epstein lawyers? >> i believe so. but that is not going to play well to chief justice roberts. and let's face it, the framers wanted the chief justice of the supreme court to be in the chamber because this is a very somber, this is a very serious trial. and so that type of thing that
2:53 am
trump likes is not going to happen. they're going to have to have a different type of decorum here and i think what's also going to be very interesting to watch is what are they going to say? are they going to combat the facts? are they going to try to attack the process? what really are we going to hear because i think we're going to hear something different. >> we'll see over the weekend. >> to the point of roberts being the school master saying behave yourselves, at the same time that roberts was admonishing them for their poor behavior, your president was in davos calling jerry nadler a sleaze bag and adam schiff a con job and a corrupt politician, okay? so, please, the hypocrisy is nauseating. >> lindsey graham said that schiff did a wonderful job. >> he wasn't even there. how does he know? he was in the bathroom. >> but he did say that he did a great job. >> what a loser. >> yeah but you know, this is how i feel about it.
2:54 am
i don't care if they're losing, all i want them to do is their jobs. i want them to follow what's supposed to be done. all this name calling and who's not -- who's falling asleep. that place is hot. it's a hot room. listen, i sit here and i space out, i'm not going to lie. it does happen from time to time. it does. but i just want to make sure that they are doing -- if there is a crack in the thing where someone finally can come over and say, you know, this was a great speech -- >> that's what lindsey said. >> well, i want that because we keep saying we want people to become civil again. >> yeah. >> that's a civil statement. that's not your side is, you know, old and stupid. that's, that was really well done. i'll take that as a beginning of civility. i believe that civility, if we practice long enough, we might be able to bring it back. we might be able to do it. >> and even rand paul said that there were four to eight republican senators that still had not made up their mind in
2:55 am
terms of -- >> but that's -- >> and i am happy to hear that they are open to this discussion. i was getting ready to say something and then it, poof, disappeared. >> there it is. >> ah, you know the latest polls -- and this should make us all laugh at this table -- have joe biden and bernie sanders in a two-person race to the top right now. there's a lot of headlines about the two of them feuding about the issues. can i just say it's really nice to hear about men feuding. i appreciate that. but isn't that the whole point of running for president, arguing about the issues that you believe in, you believe this, i believe this and we're going to bump heads. but does that mean that they're angry at each other? what does it mean? i mean, what is happening to the country? >> they're vying for the same position, that's why. >> when does that become like a bad thing? when does passionate discourse
2:56 am
become, you know, they're not the housewives, they're running for president, you know? when did this happen? >> the housewives will be running for president pretty soon. [ applause ] >> i think it's important to note that they were discussing gun control. they were discussing sanders' position on gun reform. he voted against the brady bill five times. >> right. >> and that is something that i think democrats want to hear more about and it's something that's going to come up. this is a primary, right? we need to kind of find out where people stand on the issues. >> right, but shouldn't that be everyone's responsibility if there are things that you said in the past? we have to come up -- >> absolutely. >> people say, well, you said that five years ago. i say, yeah, but i grew up. >> absolutely. joe biden said things years ago that we challenge him on. why is that a problem? >> isn't that a part of the discourse for running? >> it should be. >> i think so. but you can do it well. and that's what we're doing right now.
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you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. [ applause ] okay, not that i endlessly need to talk about myself, but i have to share this post that i saw on the official "star trek" twitter page. look. >> i love it. >> aw. >> little baby guinan, so adorable, and it makes me happy. >> that's cool. >> because, you know --
3:03 am
[ applause ] >> it's woerful. >> michelle nichols did this for me. i told you that, yeah? michelle nichols, when she did "star trek" was the only idea that i had that black people were in the future. because when you looked at any of the sci-fi movies, they were never there, never, never. suddenly there she was, michelle looking like hello, and she was the communications officer and that for me was a great way into the future of thinking about it. so maybe, you know, that whoopi is a little younger but maybe she'll remember that she was in the future because she saw -- you know, she saw guinan. it's kind of groovy. >> i don't know if people were watching yesterday but whoopi has now been asked to be in the next season of "star trek" as this character. >> of picard which is great. so this is going to kind of shock you all and i really want
3:04 am
you to just take a deep breath. most of the time a pick-up line is the quickest way a guy can blow his chances with a woman. apparently elite daily posted lines that they think are underrated, things like, are you french because ma-damn you're fine. >> i like that. >> do you remember a movie called "i'm going to get you sucker"? that's like one of those lines, okay? i don't know who would fall for that. >> how about, are you a library card? i'm checking you out. hey. [ laughter ] >> that's a good one. >> i noticed that this list is for young people. like my age bracket you say, can you drive at night? that's the pick-up line. >> how about, do you have a car, your own car? yeah. >> i like some of them. like one was, besides being
3:05 am
gorgeous, what do you do for a living? >> you would buy that, wouldn't you? >> i would. i would. >> you're an idiot. >> i would, i would. they said -- >> these are like really bad dad pick-up lines. >> how about this one, are you a parking ticket? 'cause you've got fine written all over you. >> she loves it. this girl. >> she actually would fall for it. >> i would. >> did you find any of you liked, meghan? >> no, but i remember i was at a bar one time and a guy said is your name pearl harbor because you're the bomb? i said that's racially and historically incensensitive and insensitive to veterans so i don't think we're going to -- >> and he said i'm really turned on now. if you want to get rid of a guy, say something like that, something feminist, and they
3:06 am
run. >> no, you know the fastest thing to do, say, you know, i'm so gassy. >> that's a good one. >> and people are like -- what do you mean? say, i don't know, it just comes over me sometimes. and then you see -- not that i've used these. >> this is a good one. this is a good one. do you know what my shirt is made of? boyfriend material. >> clearly this is the reason i'm still single. we'll be right back. i'm not going pop my pecks, i promise. they're just doing it by themselves! what can i do? oh, oh!
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[ applause ] i can't even tell you why i'm laughing. terry crews is back for terry crews is back for terry crews is back for terry crews is back for season seven, yes, of "brooklyn nine-nine" as a detective whose personal and professional lives collide. take a look. >> oh good, i'm starving. >> do i know you? >> rnonald palmer. you testified in my trial. >> hey, what have you been up to? prison. >> please welcome the most fabulous terry crews. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> oh my goodness. wow. we're here.
3:11 am
>> love the tie. >> oh thank you. i got to do that. you know, it's in my contract. when i'm happy they just bounce. >> here's my response, you can't see it because everything's on the floor. but thank you. >> hidden gems. >> i love "brooklyn nine-nine," you know i do. the show was on one network for five seasons but then they foolishly cancelled it and like 20 minutes later another network picked it up. you said that twitter saved the show. explain. >> first of all, i mean, you know, when you create a character, it's like creating a human being. it's really living, the whole thing, and we were doing well and all of a sudden we got cancelled out of the blue. it was a shock. it was like having a heart attack and you start to realize, oh, my god, terry jeffers is dead. that's the mentality that we were thinking. less than 24 hours later, we were revived by the internet. hundreds of millions of posts
3:12 am
and comments and tweets from very famous people all the way down to your neighbor. they were like, put "brooklyn nine-nine" back on. and they gave us new life. we've been going ever since. we got picked up for season eight right before season seven ever premiered. it's just a blessing. this doesn't happen. it does not happen. >> it happened to you. >> it happened to me. >> whoopi sent a note too. >> you know, i loved it. remember when you all first started, we had y'all on at the other show. >> that's right. >> because i -- this show made me laugh. it was just -- it's just fun. >> that was a funny scene. >> oh, no, we keep going. we keep it going. and andre brower is a classic. he's one of the best actors of all time. he legitimizes us and the whole thing. it's just an honor to be working with the best in the business. >> good for you. >> so you recently set the internet on fire when you posted this picture of your body.
3:13 am
>> what? oh my goodness. [ applause ] little old me. is that me? >> it's just so depressing to see how you've let yourself go. >> first of all, i am 51 years old. >> there you go. >> and i got to let people know, you don't have to stop. you don't have to give up. the funniest thing about this, when i posted it, the internet, they don't play. >> no. >> they came back and said he looks like a chewed up tootsie roll. i was like, i see it, i see it. somebody said he looks like a melted kit kat on my dashboard. i see that too. what's weird is no matter what you do the internet is not going to let you get away with anything. >> when it's funny, it's funny. >> it was funny. >> i don't know who's saying that to you. what do they look like? >> exactly. >> you look like you're sculpted from marble. you and your wife rebecca
3:14 am
celebrated your 30th wedding anniversary. >> yes, yes. >> you had a big party with a performance present stevie wonder which is also incredible. but 30 years, what's the secret? it was incredible. >> we had a huge blowout. stevie wonder sang but that wasn't even our best anniversary. our best anniversary and i'm going to tell you what happened. this is crazy. three years earlier we went out to dinner, a private dinner, and we got in an argument. she said i'm out of here, give me the valet ticket. i said, okay, here you go, go ahead then. she grabbed the valet ticket. the whole restaurant is like, uh- uh-oh, something just happened. the waitress said, do you still want your meal? i said yes, i do. i sat and ate the rest of my meal. i went and called an uber, went and got some ice cream on the way home. i walked in the house and she's on the bed watching tv and i roll up next to her and i go,
3:15 am
are you good? she said, i'm good. >> that was it. >> that was the moment i knew we would be together forever. [ applause ] it was the best anniversary. what can i say? you always think when these things happen it's over, oh, no. but no, it's not. it's not. that was the best anniversary of all time. >> and no words are better than -- >> no words. >> -- than a lot of talking at that point. >> we went to sleep. >> did you have a good pick-up line when you met her? >> no. it was horrible. i have no game. >> try it on sunny. she likes all of them. >> i was like, you play that piano real nice. that was really corny. i'm mr. corny. >> i like it. >> look at all that hair. i had it all. so cute. yeah, we grew up together is what i like to say. >> she's amazing. she was here last time. she's so supportive. >> so what's the pick-up line? >> she was playing piano at my church, the church i went to,
3:16 am
and i went, you play that piano really nice. >> that's a good one. >> she was like, yeah, okay. i was in the friend zone. she was like, boop, boop, okay. what happened was i earned my way in, you know what i mean? >> yes. >> because i treated her with respect and i knew -- i said this is the one. i'm so sorry, i took my time. i was not going to mess that up. [ applause ] >> that's why everything -- everything rolled out the way that it did, even in the toughest of times. >> that's right. >> because you knew. >> that's right. >> you stayed together. >> you're so right. >> you're also the host of "america's got talent" which i loved. >> oh, yes. >> i love the show. the champion season is airing right now. now, has there been one performance that really stood out to you so far? >> oh, my god, big time. there was this husband and wife duo who were 50 feet in the air called duo transcend, blindfolded doing these moves. i could not believe my eyes. i was literally -- i was sweating. i didn't know what to do. i thought i was going to throw
3:17 am
up one time. i thought, this is crazy. but the big thing is, first of all, that's your wife. i could drop my co-worker in a minute. >> i know, i know. >> but if you drop your wife -- >> that's the end of that. >> oh, my god, what are you going to do? >> everybody's mad. and then the police come in. >> like, daddy, you dropped mama! oh, i hate you. >> the cops come in and it's like, what do you mean she slipped? >> i know! >> she was oiled and then she slipped. >> how are you going to explain your way out of that one? >> don't drop your old lady. >> this show -- it's like the super bowl, every episode. it's the best of the best. >> and i love you. i love your story. you're from flint, michigan. >> that's right. >> you've been so successful but it's -- you know, it hasn't always been easy. and you're in hollywood but i don't know -- and we talked about this before, there are so many kids growing up like you and like i did and want to
3:18 am
follow up in your footsteps. what do you say to them? >> the main thing that i tell all little kids, especially from impoverished areas like i came up in is to start small but think big. don't stop thinking huge. i mean, make the biggest dream possible but start really small. >> and stick with it. >> yes. you got to start small. what happened in the age of social media and instagram people are like if i don't have 10 million followers i might as well not do it. what's happened is you compared your way out of your dream. and you have to sit there and just look at you and say what can i do today? what can i do this minute? >> is that how you did it? >> that's how i did it. i had big dreams. i already knew i was going to blow up. 00 i ain't going to lie to you. i wrote in my friend's yearbook, when i'm rich and famous, i'll let you shake my hand. but i had nothing bullt i had a dream but i always started
3:19 am
small. i'm going to do what i can do today and all of a sudden you'll find yourself in that place. one good habit all of a sudden turns into success. >> and can i add something to that because i grew up the same way. you have to believe that you can and that you should and that no one can tell you that you can't. >> this is good. >> those are the other things. [ applause ] you know, you need to come back and do a whole show with us. maybe do a co-host thing because i don't think you've done that with us. >> i love you guys. >> you have the most energy of anyone that's been on the show. >> i'm happy. i'm happy. thank you. >> around we're happy that you happy because we are happy that you are happy. our thanks to terry crews. season seven of "brooklyn nine-nine" premieres on february 6th. we'll be right back. hey gang, it's paula and i'm back at the old table with some of my favorite ladies, and i
3:20 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
co-host paula faris recently kicked off season three of her hit podcast "journeys of faith with paula faris." since it's an election year, she's focusing on how much spirituality guides politicians on both sides of the aisle from senator ted cruz to congresswoman tulsi gabbard. please welcome back abc news senior national correspondent and all around nice gal -- >> aw thank you. >> -- paula faris. >> thank you, whoopi. i love you all. >> we miss you. >> i miss you. i really do miss all of you. it's so good to catch up with all of you backstage. >> it's been a while. we see you wandering the stage. >> just wandering. >> what are you up to aside from what we're going to talk about? >> you know what, when i stepped away from anchoring weekends and "the view" two years ago i knew i had to pump the brakes and slow down. i've been working monday through friday. i file most days for "good
3:25 am
morning america" and i have a faith podcast which i'm super passionate about and i am present with my husband and kids on the weekend. >> so more ministry time for the two of you. >> a lot more ministry time. >> what's this i hear you got a tattoo. >> i did. >> what does it say? >> it says be still with a little cross, yes. >> biblical. >> they used to tell that to me in school all the time. >> she went to catholic school. that should explain it. >> i got it in charleston. with my girlfriends. we go every year. anyway, i wanted a reminder to just be still. obviously it's a verse, be still and know that i am god. but just to be still, be present, be in the moment and just to calm the heck down. >> my phone tells me that every ten minutes, time to stand up, time to take a breather, time to be still. >> is your phone glued to you? i wanted this -- the tattoo
3:26 am
artist told me, you know this is upside down and i said, no, this is a reminder for me. i don't care if anybody else sees it. >> paula, i have the same one. >> i love it. >> it hurts. >> it's a wonderful biblical verse because it just means that god is in control and we are not and just to be still and know that he will take care of all. >> exactly. >> nice little reminder, it's very profound. >> it's nice. people may not know that when you left the show a few years ago you were really going through a tough year personally and professionally that led you to make those drastic changes in your life. >> right. >> so share with us what happened. >> so it was -- it all started in the fall of 2017 and i had a series of i guess unfortunate events as you might call them but within seven months i had a miscarriage with an emergency surgery. i had a concussion through a freak accident at work. a kid through an apple at my
3:27 am
head. the first day back to work i get a in a head-on car crash and then i got influenza with pneumonia. i felt like god was telling me to pump the brakes and that led to walking away from really in essence at the height of my career two dream jobs but i knew that i needed to slow down because i was losing sight of what was important, losing sight of the relationships that are important to me. >> somebody hit you in the head with an apple. i remember that. >> right before i went live so it never made air. they threw the apple about 60 miles an hour. they said if my head was turned slightly to the right it would have fractured the side of my face. >> oh, my god, that pretty face. >> thank you. i appreciate that. i knew god was trying to get my attention. >> you have spoken candidly and openly about your miscarriage, as have i. i want to thank you. you were an incredible source of support and for me it's still scary to talk about because there's so much stigma, so much
3:28 am
judgment, at least i have found. and i actually almost regretted talking about it afterwards so then having someone like you who have been so open about it, i understand it was important for you to share your experience with your daughter. can you tell me why. >> i talked about the miscarriage in 2017. i had another one in july of this past year, over the fourth of july. i'm 44. i always wanted four kids. maybe it's because i'm the youngest of four. that was my third miscarriage. i've had three healthy pregnancies and three viable pregnancies. i knew what was going on. we were on vacation with some friends and i knew the signs. i brought my daughter to the restroom with me and showed her what was going and i said i just want to let you know that mommy -- the baby is probably no longer viable. mommy doesn't feel any guilt. this is normal. it happens to so many women. it happened to me a couple of other times. when you get pregnant it might happen to you, honey, and i want you to know there's nothing you did wrong. >> it's so important. >> it's important to grieve but
3:29 am
it's also important to know that this happens to so many of us. >> how old is your daughter? >> she's 12. she's the perfect child by the way and then i have my boys. god has a sense of humor. >> it's important and we've talked about that. >> yes. >> on your podcast which is doing so well and it's so good. >> thank you. >> this season you interview politicians, presidential candidates, about their spirituality which is something that they don't always talk about. >> that's right. >> and how it influences their policies, and your guests run the gamut. senator cory booker, ted cruz, both of them opened up to you about their love in a way for trump. >> yes. >> which was fascinating to me. >> yes. >> what did they tell you? >> trump has obviously said some inflammatory things about both of them and that's why cory booker has made the audacious claim i love donald trump. he's able to say that because of his faith. as for ted cruz, you guys know the 2016 campaign trial was heated. there was a -- he offended him
3:30 am
and said inflammatory things about his father and his wife and he said it's because of my faith, it calls me to forgive people. my faith has called me to forgive donald trump and to bury the hatchet. he says of course there are things i wish he says and things that he does that i wish he wouldn't, but -- >> did you ask ted cruz how he reconciles his faith with some of the policies of trump like separating children from their parents? >> yes, and he has stood up to him. >> and leave them at the border by themselves? >> he does not agree with that policy. >> what has he does? >> he has spoken up. he says i'm an ally but there are things that he says and does that i don't agree with. >> okay. >> hi, everybody. it is so good to be back. >> well, you have a seat if you ever have a minute to come and hang. >> that's sweet. lovely to see you all. thanks to paula faris. you can listen to her podcast, "journeys of faith with paula faris," for free on your favorite podcast platform. and we of course will be right back.
3:31 am
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[ applause ] so that's what we did today. we saw amazing bodies. terry crews was funny as hell talking about he looked like a tootsie roll. >> he's adorable. >> you know what, i love him. and we want you all to have a great day and take a little time to enjoy the view. green bay, peoria, we're looking at rain, snow, but primarily snow, 3 to 6 inches for the windy city. further north around, say, well, we're looking at milwaukee, along the i-90, very busy travel weather here.
3:36 am
and then back towards the south and west, all snow. but further to the east we're starting to see influx of warmer air. so into saturday, we see that mix across western pennsylvania. the upstate of new york. along the i-95, what are we looking at? purely rain at this time. kaylee, kenneth, back to you. >> chris, thank you. now to the emotional day at the trial of harvey weinstein. actor annabella sciorra fought back tears as she told jurors weinstein shoved her into her manhattan apartment and raped her in the early 1990s. his lawyers consist the encounters were consensual. the billionaire founder of a drug company has been sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison for a bribery and kickback scheme that helped fuel the opioid crisis. john kapoor's case is considered
3:37 am
the first holding an opioid maker criminally liable. the drug crisis that has claimed nearly 400,000 lives over the last 20 years. lots of questions about this next video. did prince charles snub vice president mike pence during a world holocaust forum? it appears the answer is no. >> video shows the prince skipping past pence while greeting a line of world leaders in jerusalem. the moment lit up social media. however, the two had apparently spent time talking away from the cameras. the vice president's press secretary tweeted out a picture of that encounter. the pair spoke after the event as well. but of course with something like that happening on social media, people seeing it in that instance, then obviously reacting to it. but there's a lot of times more to the story. >> yeah, that one clip that got so much attention didn't tell the whole story. we've heard from the white house as well as from buckingham palace, and they both say there
3:38 am
was no such snub. >> why didn't the prince give a little bit of a, hey, just saw you, good to see you again, we were just hanging out back, a little bit of acknowledgement. >> we can't hear audio from this video, so perhaps. >> yeah, going by, oh, you again. there it is. coming up, why they're crying over spilled wine north of san francisco. >> i mean, if you spill the wine, you should cry. plus the outrage at a high school in texas. why two high school students have been told to cut their dreadlocks or face suspension. later in "the skinny," how j. lo is getting ready to up her game for the super bowl halftime show. ♪ think you need the medicine i could be your medicine ♪ just between us, you know what's better than mopping? anything!
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so your rate can never go up for any reason. so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. a cali a california vineyard is looking into what caused a 97,000 gallon tank of red wine to spring a leak. the cabernet began seeping out of the tank on wednesday. some of it left ponds at the vineyard foaming with wine. when they overflowed the wine
3:42 am
flowed into a creek that feeds a nearby river. so far no reports of fish being affected by the spill. now the serious and growing controversheating up over hair. >> two students are being told to cut their dreadlocks or risk suspension. their parents are calling it discrimination. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: two texas teenagers are facing in-school suspensions and other disciplinary action for refusing to cut their dreadlocks. 17-year-old deandre arnold and kadin bradford have been warned the length of their dreadlocks violates the district's dress code policy. they attend barber's hill high school 30 miles east of houston. their family is from trinidad where dreadlocks are common and they pin them back to comply with the dress code. >> i really like that part of trinidadian culture, i really embrace that. >> reporter: the district says if arnold does not cut his hair they won't allow him to walk at
3:43 am
his upcoming graduation. this small texas town is predominantly white and some have criticized the district's policy calling it racially insensitive. the school district says it's a longstanding dress code standard. >> we've had this policy 90 years. this is the first instance of any accusation that our dress code is biased. >> reporter: houston texan star receiver deandre hopkins tweeted support saying, never cut your locks. there was similar outrage in new jersey a little over a year ago when this video circulated of a high school wrestler forced by a referee to have his dreadlocks cut before a match. new york, new jersey, and california have all passed legislation banning discrimination based on natural hairstyles. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to linsey there. interesting case. and i think about the fact that we just celebrated, commemorated, mlk this week and
3:44 am
the legacy of and how we said then, we've come far, we've got far to go as well. people tend to fear or try to ban what they're confused about or don't understand. things that are familiar to them. >> deandre arnold's family is reportedly considering legal action in this matter, saying this rule is racially insensitive. this is something deandre arnold has been doing since seventh grade. >> i think the key phrase from that administrator is 90 years ago. i would dare say that not many faces or people of color obviously with that type of hair as well 90 years ago. so there you go. we've got a sad note from the "bachelor" franchise. a former contestant has passed away. >> tyler g. was competing for hannah's heart last season. he died on wednesday after at least a week in a florida hospital where he was treated for suspected heroin overdose. his exit from the show was something of a mystery.
3:45 am
viewers were only told that he had to leave. tyler g. was 29 years old. when we come back, inside the super bowl halftime show rehearsals. and brad pitt weighs in on that moment from last weekend. "the skinny" is next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny "skinny" time on this friday and we are counting down to the super bowl halftime show just nine days away. >> by the way, the show has come a long way. 15 years ago in new orleans, this was the super bowl halftime show. >> i don't mind a good marching band. >> that's the southern university marching band. there is no better marching band. >> fast forward to this year in miami. j. lo is about to bring some booty to the big game. she's making her super bowl halftime debut. the hips don't lie. >> they both released videos of their rehearsals. neither one of them are giving much away.
3:48 am
j. lo messing around on the 25 yard line, just looking cool, because of course she is. in ciara's video -- i wish ciara was performing. that might be a conflict of interest. >> level up. >> shakira showing off her arms. or that arm. just like mahomes. garoppolo. >> are those two players in the game? just kidding. >> are you? >> obviously people tune in for the halftime show, friends, text me when the halftime is on. >> do you have a favorite from years past? >> does she even have to ask, y'all? she already knows. insomniacs, tweet her and tell her. beyonce, of course. >> prince? prince's show -- >> kaylee, come on. the stunning revelation from our favorite nanny. >> fran drescher has posted
3:49 am
about doing just fine in her single life. >> that includes a friend with benefits. the 62-year-old sees her mystery man twice a month, what she calls more than enough. >> whoo, she went on to say, we really don't go out, we don't do restaurants, we don't date. >> okay. >> she added, we do -- what we do, we do great. >> oh, well. >> okay, fran. >> well, okay. giving us a little bit. >> respect. next to the hollywood star who got buff and is now getting quite a bit of attention. >> we told you last month about kumail nanjiani's amazing transformation as he buffed up for the marvel movie "eternals." >> it was covered a lot. the story that i didn't like was a lot of people would do like two side by side pictures. can you believe this turned into
3:50 am
this? and it's just a picture of me from a year and a half ago. looking how i've looked my entire life. >> you find out what people really think. >> an actor having nothing, no carbs, really, no good carbs, no sweets. jimmy gave him all the sweets, gave him some pizza. and he went to town. he, i mean -- >> kumail said he was shaking. >> he put his fork in those pies like i just butchered nanjiani's name. >> nailed it. now can we get to what we're all here to see? more from brad pitt. and jennifer aniston. on that incredible reunion at the s.a.g. awards. >> with a viral storm of speculation among both fans and celebrities that long-divorced couple may get back together again, pitt is apparently playing it cool. >> of course he is. the actor told e.t. he hasn't been reading the headlines and that, quote, i'm blissfully naive and i'm going to stay that
3:51 am
way. >> pitt and aniston were married only a few years before she divorced him in 2005 amid rumors of his affair with angelina jolie, making them brangelina. >> apparently he was asked at this film festival if he would bring jen as his date to the oscars. he blushed. he brushed it off but he blushed. >> you like brad, you're not going to ask about what happened with angelina jolie, what got them there? >> no, we're just going to hope for a happy ending. >> fran drescher said the same -- okay, i'm sorry. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. she said the same thing. >> turning the page. the "dancing with the stars" pro who looks like she just danced with the devil. >> oh my god, julianne hough was caught on camera in davos, switzerland, allegedly receiving
3:52 am
an energy treatment that looked more like an exorcism. what is she doing? he's pulling something out of her backside, yikes. >> he claims it was invisible energy coming out of her. energy coming out of her.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ give me a sign hit me baby one more time ♪ britney spears was climbing to the top of the charts this week back in 1999 during the last senate impeachment trial. >> and this week history was repeating itself. here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> with a bang of his gavel, chief justice john roberts opening the senate impeachment trial of president trump. 100 senators sitting in silence, their cellphones tucked into cubbies outside the chamber. democrats introducing one resolution after another, trying to change the rules to allow them to subpoena documents. but their efforts failing. white house counsel pat
3:56 am
cipollone saying it's time for the two sides to make their case. >> it's long past time that we start this so we can end this ridiculous charade. >> tense scenes as thousands of heavily armed gun rights advocates descended on virginia's capital city. amid fears of a repeat of the deadly violence at the unite the right rally in charlottesville in 2017 and the fbi warning about possible violence, governor ralph northam declared a state of emergency, banning all weapons from capitol grounds. authorities arresting seven alleged white supremacists last week, saying some of them were planning on attending. >> this morning prince harry seen arriving in canada, soon to be stepping back from royal duties, one step closer to making north america a permanent home.
3:57 am
harry joins wife meghan and 8-month-old son, seen hours before out and about, announcing they will soon no longer be senior members of the royal family. harry feeling pressure to shield his family from the same pressure his mother experienced two decades ago. >> i'll not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mom. >> the cold snap in the south isn't being measured by snow but rather iguanas. >> as the temperatures have fallen the reptiles have been tumbling from trees in florida. they're not dead. they're just in shock. >> and luckily for anyone who gets hangry, there are snacks. the senate candy desk, a tradition dating back to 1965. right now it's stocked with hershey bars, milky ways, and three musketeers. >> we need a candy bar. >> yeah, we do. at least they have one. all the rules. >> ask and you shall receive, kaylee hartung. jack, come up here and get some of this candy. and jack never came. voice of jack, where were you?
3:58 am
>> i was away getting a cup of coffee. >> he was in the bathroom.
3:59 am
4:00 am
breaking news in america this morning, another american college student is now in isolation being tested for the mystery virus spreading in china. the student in tennessee joining another suspected case in texas and a confirmed case near seattle. the state department now issuing a new travel warning. meanwhile, overseas the historic precautions. 33 million people now being quarantined as the death toll rises. this morning the brand-new hospital being built because of this outbreak and what authorities are saying about the risk here in the u.s. also breaking overnight, former nfl superstar antonio brown surrenders hours after an arrest warrant is issued for the former wide receiver. what we're learning about the case against him.


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